Jasmine Thorpe Therapy


Hello, I'm Jasmine

Welcome. My name is Jasmine Thorpe and I am a licensed mental health counselor in Buffalo, New York. I address therapy in a way that views the individual in a holistic lens, to understand the whole, we must understand the many pieces that comprises the self. 

Being human is complex and navigating its vastness, feeling the pressure of its depths and the tension of its peaks, is not always done with ease or confidence. We may meet a time in life when we feel like we are not living to our true potential, fulfilling our diverse needs of within ourselves, careers, relationships, bodies, where and how we live and so on.

In so many words, being human is hard. We are not always afforded the time and space to create meaning and intentionally reflect on who we are, where we came from, where we want to be and the barriers that disconnect ourselves from ourselves. As a therapist, I focus on understanding clients individual needs and experiences to create inner connectivity and sustainable change. 

Questions to Ask Yourself Before Your First Session

What is Therapy?

Therapy is a professional relationship between client and therapist, that sets intentional therapeutic goals that are met through a series of reflective and structured conversations. 

Each client has their own specific needs and experiences. Common emotional concerns that present in therapy are depression, anxiety and grief.

My approach to therapy involves tailoring my practice to the clients needs with the focus around, what I call the 3 pillars, connection with the self, improving communication and processing trauma.